The Management Modernization is an inherent need to all current organizations.
In the highly competitive and dynamic moment of current days, the institutions must constantly recycle and reinvent themselves in order to deal with the demands of the society and the market.

The practical application of management theories, along with the use of recent diagnostic and organizational shaping techniques, can effectively boost a non-functional organization with an obsolete structure to a new level of productivity and operational excellence.

Focused on the public sector, the services provided by NTCONSULT are aligned with the most modern trends on corporate governance, governability, transparency and social control, in order to provide instruments and techniques to the public manager that generate the operational gains that are so important to the public administration. We deliver results with agility and security at the same time that we help our clients to deal with the transition management.

Having carried out applied consultancy projects in the field of Management Modernization since 2003, we are proud of being recognized as an associate with profound technical knowledge, relevant perspectives, a vast range of competences and that works side by side with its Clients in order to better help them to reach excellence.


  • Creation of Strategic Planning
  • Analysis and Process Redesign
  • Analysis, Review and Redefinition of Technical and Final Procedures
  • Creation of Human Resources Management Plans
  • Use of Systems of Skills Management
  • Creation of IT Directive Plans and Strategic Planning
  • IT Governance
  • Execution of modeling projects and organizational restructuring

The applied consultancy services to administrative modernization provided by NTCONSULT may help your organisation pursue new productivity and excellence levels